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Green Remodeling Concepts – Roseville, Mn

Green Remodeling Concepts – Roseville, Mn

Maybe you’re a new homeowner ready to knock down walls and refinish floors to make your new house a home, or maybe you’ve been settled for quite some time and your home could use some updates and a fresh look. No matter what the scenario, you’ve decided to remodel your home, and the task that lies ahead is not always a simple one. Remodeling your home is more than new colors and textures; it is an opportunity to make your home more affordable, comfortable, efficient, safe, and sustainable.
As you approach green remodeling projects, it is important that you educate yourself and your family about the general sustainability concepts, including the trade offs associated with them. Thoroughly analyze the green, economic, and practical attributes of the products you are interested in using to determine which ones best fit your needs and values. The bottom line to green remodeling is to do more with less; remember, the greenest square foot of your home is the one that isn’t built.Roseville Mn Park

Roseville Minnesota Community embrace The 3R’s

Reduce: Can I do it with less space or fewer materials?
Reuse: What can I reuse or repurpose from my remodeling project or what can I purchase from local reuse centers?
Recycle: What waste can I recycle? Are there new products I can purchase that are made from recycled materials? Are there
products that can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle?
Questions to Ask
Resources and Manufacturing
• What is it made of?
• Is the material rapidly renewable (i.e., wood) or made of recycled content?
• How does the harvesting/extracting affect the surrounding environment?
• Are the materials sourced locally?
• Are the materials sourced sustainable?
• How is it manufactured and how does that process affect the surrounding environment?
• How far is it transported to get to my home?
• What quantity of greenhouse gases does its production, use, and disposal emit?
• Does the manufacturing process release toxins or create hazardous waste?
Performance and Cost
• What is the product’s life expectancy?
• How durable is it?
• Is the material right for the situation (e.g., soft pine floors in a home with large dogs)?
• What maintenance does it require?
• What are the operating costs in comparison to the initial cost?
• What energy sources does it depend on to operate?
• What, if any, is the payback period, or the period of time it takes for the product to earn back the amount of money
it initially cost (solar panels, for example, payback over time through reduction of energy costs)?

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