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Fascinating Notes About Minneapolis – The City We Serve

Fascinating Notes About Minneapolis – The City We Serve

The city of Minneapolis is a great place to explore. There’s so much that you may not know about the city, and it’s twin St. Paul, that you may be surprised by what is out there. In fact, the following will show you just how incredible this city can be, and could very well change what you think. Whether you’re planning on visiting or you’re just curious, check out these things you should know about Minneapolis today.

It Gets Really Cold – That is why the drain lines freeze

Residents of Minnesota already know this one, but in case you didn’t, the city gets very cold. It can get extremely cold, which causes many tourists to stay away during the coldest of months. There are ways to stay warm, as you’ll find there are skyways that let you walk around downtown, with a continuous connection of upwards of 7 miles. That’s right, 7 miles of skyway all connected for those coldest of months. It’s truly an awe inspiring thing, and will definitely impress those that aren’t aware that the connection point spans 69 blocks of downtown Minneapolis.

The Purple One – Our plumbers love their Vikings

Did you now that Prince was born and raised in the city? That’s right, he was born and raised in Minneapolis, and his home is now available for touring. Since the 1970s, he has been able to create a unique wave of music that many people attributed to the city, and it’s all thanks to the impact that Prince was able to create through his music, art, and more. You’ll find that he’s one of the most famous individuals in pop music, and he’s from Minneapolis.

Bring On The Cats

Did you know that the city of Minneapolis hosted a large gathering for cat lovers. No joke, the Internet Cat video Festival garnered upwards of ten thousands people to see the event that was full of creative videos featuring our feline overlords. The cat videos were celebrated, and the event spawned many other events around the country. The Walker Art Center was host for this, and it has been touted as the first, and one of the largest events of its kind.

Minneapolis MN

Minneapolis MN

The Literature Thrives

Those that aren’t reading books in Minneapolis are rare. Why? Because the city has been named The Most Literate City. That’s correct, the city reads more than any other city in the United States, and has surpassed such literate places as Washington D.C. and even Seattle, Washington. People love to read, and there are more libraries, newspapers in circulation, educational materials, and bookstores than anywhere else in the United States. If you’re a fan of reading, then this city truly opens up for you to enjoy the written word and much more.

Giving Back In Droves

The Twin Cities have been found to be very giving. Just how giving? Research done in 2011 showed that almost half of the adults in the cities were giving of their time. They gave time to volunteer to charities, and continue to do so across the city through charities, and financial response. The cities give a lot to those that need most, and it’s fascinating to see the numbers of people that give back. This is truly a magnanimous city.

The Mall of America

The largest mall in the United States is located here, and it’s one of the most incredible sights to see for tourists. While locals may not always favor this place, it’s still an incredible showcase of American consumerism. It’s beyond just large, it’s an incredible location that makes it truly epic. You can do everything you’d want to do in terms of entertainment here, and then some. Even though it’s the biggest in the United States, it’s unfortunately second in North America, as a Canadian mall has the honor of being the biggest.

Lakes Abound

You already know that Minnesota has been called the state with 10,000 lakes. This is very true. But in the case of Minneapolis, you’ll find that there are more than 20 of them. That’s right, more than 20 lakes throughout the city, and lots of fishing spots as well as tourist destinations for those that want to have something to see, do, and just explore. Lakes abound throughout the state, and even in this large metropolitan city, there’s a lot of lakes to check out throughout.

As you can see, Minneapolis has a lot to offer visitors and residents. You’ll find that if you’re going to live, or just stay in the city, you’re going to have a lot to explore and be proud of throughout. It’s a great city with lots to see.

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