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A Brief Look At Minneapolis Minnesota – Our Community

A Brief Look At Minneapolis Minnesota

The Twin Cities of Minnesota is comprised of St. Paul and Minneapolis. The two cities are fascinating and interesting in many ways. You’ll find that Minneapolis is often a premier city, since It is the largest in the state. While it’s not the capital of the state, it is often cited as the capital because of the size and shape. It’s an economic powerhouse. It is second only to Chicago in terms of how powerful the Midwestern city is, and it shows throughout the economic stability that is found in the city, and state overall.

There is a lot to explore across the city, and it has a population of around 3.5 million people. The city runs along the Mississippi River, the Minnesota River, and has an incredible amount of lakes, wetlands, creeks, waterfalls, and natural splendor. For those that want to visit to see the natural splendor of the city, there’s a lot to offer.

The city has one of the highest concentrations of Fortune 500 companies in the United States.

There’s a rich tapestry of individuals, art, and more that comes through and from Minneapolis. You’ll find that the population has a large contingency of musical acts, LGBT population, educational centers, performing art centers, and sports teams. The city has been the home of some of the most famous individuals in art, cinema, and music, including Bob Dylan, and the late musician Prince.

It was originally founded by Sioux Native Americans, and eventually turned into a city of industry for the United States. It started with the lumber industry, and moved forward to flour mills, and much more, creating an economic powerhouse in the 19th century, as well as the turn of the 20th century. It continues to be a powerful economic city.

The Extremes of Climate

As you explore Minneapolis, you’re going to no doubt wonder about the weather. The weather of this city is expansive, with a lot of different elements to consider. You’ll find that the city is typical of the norther aspect of the United States, but a bit more extreme than other areas in the Midwest. In fact, you’ll find that the summer can get quite warm, with record highs reaching 100 degrees on average. However, the average lows is where things really get people interested in the climate of the city. The city is known for the winter months, which can reach negative degrees. The record snow falls of the 1980s had upwards of 98 inches come through. The coldest lows reached negative 41 degrees in 1888. It’s a place that gets extremely cold, to say the least.

The Economics of Minneapolis

The city is one of the most technologically advanced city in the United States. Some of the biggest companies name this city home and include Target, U.S. Bancorp, Thrivent Financial, Bancorp, ABM Industries, Canadian Pacific, CenturyLink, and many others. The city has been named a top tech city by magazines such as “Popular Science”, and the city continues to push through the economics of tech.

The tech market in the area is quite large, but there are other Fortune 500 companies in the area as well. There are financial industries, food companies, and banks throughout, creating a large economy that is rivaled only by Chicago in the Midwest.Minneapolis

Cultural Elements of the City

Minneapolis is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States. The visual arts community alone has some of the most amazing pieces of art. The Minneapolis Institute of Art, for instance, has more than one hundred thousand pieces in their permanent collection. There’s also several collages of arts, museums of art, and performing arts centers. In comparison, you’ll find that the arts community is only second to New York City in terms of density.

The city is also known for the amazing musical elements that are found throughout the history of the city. “Rolling Stone” magazine named the area as one of the great cities for rock music, and names artists such as the Replacements, Husker Du, Prince, Bob Dylan, Atmosphere, and many others as a main reason why this city continues to draw large crowds to see performance live.

Sports and More

It’s difficult to condense all of Minneapolis into one article, but suffice to say that the sports element is alive and well in the city. You’ll find that the Twin Cities are home to professional basketball, baseball, soccer, and American football. The professional teams all have premier stadiums, but you’ll also find that collegiate teams reign in division I and division II athletics. The sports history of Minnesota and Minneapolis specifically is quite extensive.

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